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A-106 Pressure Pipe

PTC's Hot Stretch Reducing process enhances ERW and Cold Drawn seamless tubing by precisely controlling size and properties, expanding the range of available sizes.


Hot Stretch Reducing is an additional hot working process for ERW or seamless products. This process involves taking an ERW tube or a hot finished seamless hollow, and heating and passing the product through a series of rollers that reduce the size of the tube in one relatively fast hot working operation.

This operation allows for excellent control of size and properties through enhanced thermo-mechanical processing. Advantageous for customers, our process increases the range of sizes PTC can offer.

While a typical ERW mill produces only limited ranges in size, PTC can further reduce products, while preserving the ductility and elasticity. This process is ideal for A106 Seamless and Seamless Boiler tubing as well as other piping applications. 

Our Darlington plant has inline capabilities to hydrotest, UV coat and stencil of our A106 pipe.

Common Applications: 

  • Feedwater lines
  • Steam lines

PTC Manufactures A-106 Pressure Pipe to the following specs:  

Specifications: ASTM A106

Size ranges

.540” OD x 0.088” wall
1.900” OD x 0.40” wall
13.720 mm OD x 2.240 mm wall
48.260 mm OD to 10.160 mm wall

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