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Electrical Resistance
Welded Tubing (ERW)

PTC manufactures premium ERW tubing in a wide array of sizes and grades for agriculture, automotive, appliance, construction, recreation, and heavy truck manufacturing.


Versatile and Cost-Effective ERW Products for Diverse Fabrication Needs

Electrical Resistance Welded (ERW) products can be an ideal choice when strength-to-weight ratio is critical, or when bending, flattening, flaring or other types of fabrication will be required. 

For many applications including prop and drive-shaft tubing, steering column components, recreational equipment, and valve casings, ERW products offer significant cost savings throughout the fabrication process. Because of its excellent workability, scrap loss is minimal. Due to its uniformity and concentricity, lighter walls can be specified, reducing the allowance for stock removal. 

PTC offers an unparalleled range of sizes from fourteen weld mills in six locations including both high and low-frequency. 

Inside flash may be rolled, removed by scarfing, or may remain. The weld is carefully examined by destructive and non-destructive means.

Common Application: 

  • Axle housings
  • Boiler tubing
  • Conveyors
  • Vehicle frames

PTC Manufactures ERW to the following specs:

Specifications: ASTM A513 T1 & 2, ASTM A500

Size ranges

0.500” OD x 0.028” wall
10.800” OD x 0.713” wall
12.700 mm OD x .711mm wall
274.320mm OD to 18.110mm wall

Other sizes outside this range may be within our capability, please inquire to: 

Round and shaped tubing available.

Standard Grades

E355 (St 52.3)

PTC's ERW Capabilities

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