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Hydraulic Line

PTC's hydraulic fluid line tubing excels in quality and performance due to advanced manufacturing techniques, offering exceptional ductility, formability, and ease of use for challenging applications — a process refined over decades in our facilities.


Advanced, High Quality DOM Tubing Built to Specification for Industrial Uses

PTC’s carbon steel hydraulic fluid line tubing offers many characteristics that are far superior to those defined in industry standards. 

By way of advanced chemistries and caster practices, coupled with our distinctive processing, hydraulic fluid line tubing provides uniform grain size, excellent concentricity and outstanding ductility and formability. 

We deploy many final thermal treatments offering a clean and bright surface that helps make brazing and plating problem free. Ultimately, all these characteristics provide reduced and consistent setup times, predictability in bending and tight wrinkle-free center line radius capability. 

Whether as-welded normalized, cold-drawn and final stress-relieved, sub-critical or normalized, our hydraulic fluid line tubing stands up to the most strenuous applications. 

PTC has been manufacturing and refining this process for more than 50 years to make top-of-the-line hydraulic line tubing. 

Common Applications: 

  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

PTC Manufactures Hydraulic Line Tubing to the following specs:  

Specifications: J356 and J525

Size ranges

J356 0.500” OD x 0.028” wall
10.250” OD x 0.563” wall
12.700 mm OD x .711mm wall
274.320mm OD to 18.110mm wall
J525 0.375” OD x 0.028” wall
10.250” OD x 0.563” wall
9.530mm OD x .711mm wall
260.35mm OD to 14.300mm wall

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