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PTC is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, actively reducing its impact through initiatives in waste minimization, energy conservation, and greenhouse gas emission reduction, while fostering a culture of safety, diversity, and community engagement.


At PTC we embrace our corporate responsibility to be stewards of the environment and are committed to reducing the impact of our activities. 

Environmental impact will be considered in all aspects of our business operations including but not limited to the purchasing of raw materials, equipment and process design, consumption of natural resources, and pollution control measures.

PTC's sustainable steel tubing, pipe, and bars

As a steel tubing, pipe, and bar manufacturer established with roots dating back 100 years, our management team has committed to preserve the environment while operating safe-efficient manufacturing facilities with a high moral compass.  

Our focus on sustainability is highlighted throughout the organization; a cross functional Sustainability Committee was formed in 2023 with members from our EHS, Quality, Sales, and Human Resources departments. This team formulates program development, sustainability goals, and reduction strategies across the corporation.  

The company will continue to drive our sustainability efforts through a robust pre-planning review for all new equipment and processes, employee training program to ensure employees make correct and informed decisions, properly maintaining equipment to ensure efficient operation, and tracking key performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of our program.


Our employees and communities surrounding our operations are essential to the success of our company. The safety of our employees and our impact on the environment are values we place at the forefront of operations. 

Our EHS team collaborates across all areas of our business to establish a culture reducing environmental impact.  

Greenhouse Gasses

In today’s business environment focus is centered around climate change. 

PTC understands the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to preserve a healthy environment for future generations. We’re currently instituting a greenhouse gas tracking program to monitor Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations.  

The company will ensure emission sources are properly maintained and operating efficiently. New technologies will be incorporated, where feasible, to reduce our impact on the world’s climate.

Waste Generation

PTC realizes that waste is not conducive to sustainable operations. PTC works actively to eliminate and repurpose waste generated as part of our operations. 

Our company tracks and sets goals to minimize the impacts of waste in our operations — with a key focus currently in eliminating waste at its source.

Energy Conservation

PTC acknowledges that consuming natural resources adversely affects our environment whether from extraction, processing, or consumption. 

Our company is tracking and setting goals to reduce our consumption of natural resources toward more sustainable operations.  

Key focus is on water, electricity, and natural gas consumption. Our efforts in conservation extend to LED lighting retrofits, efficient cooling tower replacements, and variable frequency drive controls.   


Steel is the most recycled material in the world and PTC has had a long history with recycling steel pipe, tube, and bar scrap across our operations. 

We also actively recycle waste oils, scrap protectors, mill scale, spent acids, and various wood products.  

Our practices extend into our offices, recycling paper products and electronics.


Sustainable Talent

At PTC, we know that the success of our company is dependent on attracting a diverse, talented, and motivated workforce performing at high levels in inclusive, collaborative workplaces.  

PTC is committed to attracting, developing, engaging, retaining, and rewarding a highly skilled team of people built to service their internal and external customers through respect, accountability, and equal opportunity. 

Community Engagement

PTC supports our employees as they engage in community supported activities.  Additionally, our corporate Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for PTC to support the children and grandchildren of our employees. 

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Our leadership team at PTC understands that sustaining an ethically and lawfully run business is necessary to maintain our business relationships with our employees, customers, vendors, and the communities where we operate.   

To establish this element of our culture we have established an ethics policy to align our employees with these values as we drive results critical to the company’s success.

Sustainability Highlights

Water Usage Reduction 

  • From 2022 to 2023 the company reduced its water usage by 25%. 

  • Our Alliance, Ohio plant focused on eliminating and reducing water usage as part of its operations which resulted in the facility lowering water usage by 57.7% measured in gallons of water used per ton of steel tubing manufactured.

VOC Emission Reduction

The Liberty, Texas plant invested $1.3 million to install state of the art UV coating systems to reduce VOC emissions while significantly reducing waste generation from our pipe coating lines.